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This blog was created to combine my interests of archaeology and journalism. For me these two compliment each other as they both contain adventure, curiosity , excitement,  and travel . Archaeologists seek to unravel the past whilst journalists in their reporting of current stories  need to unravel them to get to the bottom of the facts.  Furthermore archaeologists  and their discoveries often cross the path of  journalists. Journalists play a critical role in presenting archaeology to the public.

Long before Hollywood  they helped to shape the romantic  image of the archaeologist as the ultimate adventurer.  A  perfect example of this was  Howard Carter and his discovery of  King Tutankhamun.  Journalists made Carter and his discovery big news. Without them Carter would never have reached the fame he did. Now in the 21st century journalists  still influence the image of archaeology though their reports.

Sandra Di Francesco        CIMG2263

Adventure student reporter for Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.



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Tintin the Belgian boy reporter and adventure reporting

Picture taken from Let’s Learn French Together

Tintin the Belgian teen reporter is a childhood favourite of mine and an inspiration for my ventures into journalism. For me he is a pioneer of adventure reporting. He  was my first journalist role model. He is also my reason for having a strong passion to travel to Belgium one day apart from love of chocolate.

Long before my lecturers at Swinburne he introduced me to journalism. I was introduced back  in 1993 when i was still in primary school. ABC television gave me Tintin as it was through them  that i  got to discover this boy reporter.  I must say despite my love for him  i still wanted to become an archaeologist and not a reporter.

I still remember wanting to get home in time from school  for the screening of Tintin at 6.  pm on weekdays. The episodes only went for  half an hour which would go by so fast. Often many of the stories were  in two parts  so I had to wait the following night to see the conclusion. This was torture if  it was the  weekend  as i had to wait for the Monday.

Taken from Cigars Of the Pharaoh

Red Rackham’s treasure





In composing my adventure reporting blog I kept Tintin in mind and thought about what he would include if he had a blog about archaeology and journalism. I believe he would try to make it as adventurous as possible and no doubt even include tales of Snowy. I think he would definitely include tales of his visit to Egypt (Cigars of the Pharoahs)  and Red Rackhams treasure.  Both these stories had some archaeology. Whilst in the process of doing assignments for my course  i often ask myself what would Tintin do?

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