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This blog was created to combine my interests of archaeology and journalism. For me these two compliment each other as they both contain adventure, curiosity , excitement,  and travel . Archaeologists seek to unravel the past whilst journalists in their reporting of current stories  need to unravel them to get to the bottom of the facts.  Furthermore archaeologists  and their discoveries often cross the path of  journalists. Journalists play a critical role in presenting archaeology to the public.

Long before Hollywood  they helped to shape the romantic  image of the archaeologist as the ultimate adventurer.  A  perfect example of this was  Howard Carter and his discovery of  King Tutankhamun.  Journalists made Carter and his discovery big news. Without them Carter would never have reached the fame he did. Now in the 21st century journalists  still influence the image of archaeology though their reports.

Sandra Di Francesco        CIMG2263

Adventure student reporter for Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.



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