Google Earth discovers new Pyramids ?

Giant 'pyramid'

Google earth image of supposed pyramid taken from

Mounds of sand spotted in the Egyptian desert using Google Earth could be the site of long lost pyramids. In 2012  American researcher Angela Micol  announced that  new and undiscovered pyramids were in the Egyptian desert.  She claimed that through using Google earth she found these pyramids.

Her findings  were met with much criticism by scholars  who dismissed the images as nothing more than anomalies and wind formed sand formations. Since then American archaeologists have used satellite imagery to discover 17 buried pyramids in Egypt as well as a thousand tombs and 3000 buildings from the time of the Pharaohs.

I wonder if these scholars are still critical?  This is the stuff of adventure reporting and one in which journalists like to romanticize  it in the press. Egypt’s tourism is at an all time low with its political climate so these discoveries  along with the media  could be just what the country needs to boost its tourism. We see that Micol’s discovery and the later ones by  archaeologists have made headlines. A basic Google search  shows  the Daily Mail, Fox News and BBC to have covered it.

I was astounded when i first read about Michol’s findings in an article from . Infact i nearly fell off the  chair at my university library.  I always thought that the existing  pyramids in Egypt  were the only ones. Its hard for my mind to comprehend how such large structures including now cities and tombs can be hidden underneath the sands for so many centuries undiscovered.

Then again Egypt is a land of severe sand storms that have covered up many of its treasures. According to some archaeologists there is still over 80% of undiscovered finds. In 1914 a whole expedition of  48 British explorers  vanished in a sand storm in the desert never to be found.

Smaller mounds found by Ms Micol still measure up to 330 feet across

Another Google Earth image of supposed pyramids taken from Daily Mail

Giza Pyramids taken from all-informationz.blogspot

Google Earth and satellite imagery in general  are powerful technologies initially used by governments and military  to locate enemy structures  and assist  with spying. Now they are available to many people like archaeologists  as well as reporters  who make use of them for their stories. I believe these technologies will aid archaeological discoveries in this decade.

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