Egyptian archaeology

Excavating tomb of the Physician in Egypt taken from Art Newspaper

Entrance to Egyptian tomb from jillkiefer.blogspot

Egypt has always been a mecca for archaeology and as a result over the centuries journalists from all over the world have covered it in their reporting of discoveries. Most stories of this archaeology have been highly romanticised in the papers and on television.



The Western media i think has sensationalised  Egyptian archaeology.  Growing up i remember most stories of  finds in Egypt were highly dramatised. I didnt mind, infact it fuelled my passion even more for archaeology.  Generally  i would never read the newspapers unless archaeology featured in it. It was Egypt  that made news. In storage i have a lot of these stories in newspaper clippings as im a hoarder of paperwork.

I still remember one late sunny afternoon in 1998 my English teacher  at Preston Girls Secondary College giving me a page from the Herald Sun  about the anniversary of king Tutankhamun’s discovery.  I think i must have read it about five times that afternoon going over information not wanting to miss anything. I know i still have this clipping at home but currently cant locate it due to so many things being in boxes because of renovation and painting.

One day i will find it and no doubt it will  have a yellowish tint to it as all newspaper clippings with age get this.  Now that so many newspapers are going online this clipping is even  more important. The future of all archaeological reporting not just Egypt will be online. If you do a Google search for journalism and archaeology in Egypt you get many headlines.

Media surrounding Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass

When it comes to media exposure of Egyptian archaeology Dr. Zahi Hawass featured in the above and below images definitely had the  upper hand with being the most famous archaeologist in Egypt for well over a decade. Due to a corrupt regime under President Mubarak  Hawass had constant access to all the famous sites. Other archaeologists were denied this privilege. Its been  suggested that he had this privilege because of bribes initiated between himself and the regime.

Now with the regime gone he has been taken off his pedestal. I couldn’t be happier as i was so sick and tired for years watching him on television presenting and being interviewed by western journalists.  Hundreds of journalists from all over the world would have had to deal with him and him only to get access to many sites and interviews for stories. Biases would have formed.  One positive thing i can say about Hawass is that he was very passionate about his work and promoting Egypt to the rest of the world.  When a lot of people think of Egyptian archaeologists  im sure they think of him. He reinforced for years  the romantic image of Indiana Jones and archaeology.  He was a very sensationalist type of person that was  perfect for western media portrayals of  archaeology.

Zahi Hawass with mummy taken from Dalje com


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