German Pioneer Settlement in Victoria

The suburb of Thomastown contains a  rare archaeological  site that is quite unknown to most people. Its the first and  oldest  German Pioneer Settlement  in Victoria called Westgarthtown. Remarkably even many German descendents i have spoken to don’t even know of its existence. This makes it ideal for the reporter to get a story.  Its amazingly preserved due to its bluestone construction, isolation and restoration work by the city  of Whittlesea . It is made up of the oldest Lutheran church in Australia, (1856), the  oldest Lutheran cemetery  in Victoria (1850) and Ziebel’s farmhouse made of bluestone (1851) .


Lutheran church taken by me


Tombstones int Lutheran cemetery taken by me


Ziebel’s Farmhouse


There are some other buildings part of the site but they  stretch out to nearby streets and are in private ownership. The main site is  an open site where you just walk in, no payment needed to get in. Many of the locals walk their dogs there. Ziebel’s farmhouse is often closed but free tours can be arranged by visiting . The Ziebels were an early German family who migrated to Australia  in 1850 in search of a better life.

CIMG2574               CIMG2576CIMG2581

Their farmhouse was part of an original 102 acre farm, named The Pines.  Built between 1851 and 1856, with 61 cm thick stone walls, the house is a typical German farmhouse. It also retains  the bath house, smoke house and cart shed all in great condition. It  gives you a glimpse into  past 150 years in this area of Melbourne.

CIMG2584         CIMG2585     CIMG2589

CIMG2592CIMG2599   CIMG2611

Research suggests that no archaeological dig or survey has taken place there. I’m certain just a ground survey of the area would bring forth many other structures  that existed originally and objects that have been buried.   A plaque on the site states that there was a school building that was demolished in the 1950s.


I have often come here with my mother on Sunday outings. Its a our  quiet  little sanctuary. My mother says she feels like she is stepping onto the television set of ‘Little House on the Praire’.  I highly recommend to come here on a sunny afternoon. The sun illuminates the settlement making it beautiful.  You step back in time and for a moment forger that you’re in the bland town of Thomastown. Thanks to its location though, not being a popular spot you get a lot of privacy.

   A nice place for quiet contemplation and if you are of German descent you can appreciate your ancestor’s hard pioneering work. Last time I was here my mother and I had fish and chips in the cemetery.  It’s an interesting way to eat fish n chips. I found it relaxing amongst the old tombstones . The cemetery is still open for burial but only for descendants of the original settlers and members of the Lutheran faith.


 Westgarthtown is a legacy and testimony to those German settlers.  Its an important part  of Melbourne’s history. Its  well worth a visit and if your up to it have fish n chips in the cemetery. You might enjoy it!

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